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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 19, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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33 marriige.. the effect loooks -3 hhs on a ouull and whicc &&pspouse finns beaaty more important.. oo fox 3- 3 3 -3 33&pp3
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3 3 saae sex marriaag heats up again in maryland..he governor -33 and baltimore's city counccl -3 year.megan gillilaad is live frrm ity hall with moreeon why some arr questioning the timinngand the mottveefor all -&pof thhs. this.good morninn patrice during last night's city council meeting, a resolution waa bbsically has theecity taking siies n -3 thh sameesex marrrage ddbbte. ann comes on the heels of &pgoveenor o'malley. o'malley.while attenddng a
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3 meeting lass week, the gooernor pointed to he passage of ew york state's new law... as a guiiee.. for addressinn conccrns like religious freedom for churches that don'' want to perform ceremmnies. efforts to pass a -3 gay marriage law in marylandd failed during the last legislltiie session. o'mallly -3 said back tten he would've supported itt.. but he didn't mmke it a top rrority.whilee some tateelawmmkers are - quustioning the governor's timing... and motiie... suupooterssare just glad itts pappening. 3(nats) 11:51132 "the ime for 3& 15:37:13 "it's really past time. we should've done this before. thhs is reaalyyabout -3 the righttfor two people to live one anotherrto be able to have the rights that everybody 3 doess"delegate susan mccomas &pspokeeout against gay marriage -3 on our orning show bbfore... &pssggesting that áifá bill & were o pass the general assembly, opponents wouud & petition for a voterr the next chanceeto pass a gay marriage bill issjjst around the corner in he 2012 from cityyhall, -3 mmgan gilliland, fox44 morning
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&pnews. a popular city music teacher -3 ii killed... fter a stooen merceeesscrashes into his van. van. wendell david hairston pince 1973. he ied saturday... n a crash on -3& ferndale avenue in west &pbaltimore.police say he caa slammed nto haarsson's vann.. - stolen... and the ar's owner waa shot. neighbors remember hhirrton as a mentor for &pbbltimore city outh. &p3 (next dooo neighbor)"yes, i know... it just seees so whh doessit lookklike the good people hat''stryinn is always the one somethhng appens to em" pmmpolice have ooe man in still loooinn or a second 3 the investigation continues pntotte cause ehind a car hhtting a boy in eegemere.a ten yyer old boy was flown to 3 puss after ten monday - porning.. on north poiit and
5:36 am can ee the car flipped... and debbis sscttered everywhere. 3 the new flu vaccinn has apppoval. -3 approval.the f-d-a has okayed it. this year's flu shot is a duplicateeof llst year's ... -&pbecauseethe same flu strainss are circulating. & percent oo ammricaas get the 3 cennerrfor disease control &&precommends an annual flu shot for everyone over six months old. 3oncc again.. johns hhokins hhspital is raaked number onee 3 too hoopitals.the hospital iss 3 hopkinssis fiist... in fivee - mmdical specialties .. and ii 3 3 it''sokay to let yourrlittle one share a bed with you! & suggeess.. no harm is &pdone if thhy ssare a bed. he american academy of pediatricc 3 to decide what's best... as long as tte hiid is at least one year old. babies under phe age of 6 monthh shoulddnot
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share aabed with parents. - ttat's beeaase they're at high risk for suddee infant deaah syndrome. neee to lower your blood preesure?a new study ssggests replacinggcarbs with soy proteen r lowfat dairy... could help bbing a mall.. but important... ddcreaseein bood pressure levels. resserchers -3 studied 350 people iwth mild daily complex carbohydrate suuplemenn, while two others - protein supppemenn.the arb but the otherrtwo groups dropped wo points.a lowee systolic blooo pressure nuuber &couud reduce a personns risk oo stroke. 3 changes could be coming to airlinns... deeling with loot. new york enator chuck schummr wanns áyyuá to gee phaa money backkright now ... phecking a bag could cost up to 25 dollars.buu schumer's idee... wouud require that 3 you.. if that happens. "when the luggage doesn'ttshow up, to say they're going to - keep that xtrr money, that's outrageous"
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outrageous"senator schumer has 3 pajor airlines askkng they refund the fees... if baggage is delayed or ost.and if hey pchummr sayy he'll innroduce legislation .. ffrcinn them to. p3 charlii sheen is bacc too áwinningá..e could soon be returning to the small screen ... for a new sitcom.he'll plaa thh leea in "anger & on the 2003... adam sandler .. jack nncholson movie.the network yyt. is there something more to 3 south carolina couule says.. & this image mysteriouusy &pappeared on thier receipt.... -3 three days after a purchase at there's ooly one perron it 3 like soot or maybe ink... but says they didn't tamppr with the receiit.they're opinggtoo
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3appear. tyrann scared off two armed robbery ii califoonna.the crooks were trying to rob a store...whhn pacc kept barking ann bbtinn at ttem.that eventually scarrd them away. tte store owner says... he's surprised at paao beeng so feisty! &"i wwa shocked, because normally he's justtreally laid -back. he's just sitting back, & taking it eeay. so i finally told his owner i said hey, he finalll earned his keep. we've 3 time. now looo, he's ot goiig to let anyone mess up hiss home." --bbtted tt-- "he as rrscued dog, so i suggest eeeerbody rescue a doo from - the poundd. you never know when you're going tt need hhm." 3 the thieves took fffwith about two-hundree dollarr... inccdent. -3 33 coming up on the early edition... f you say it... liteeally!anythinggwwth >bbee the place n baltimore... -3 where áthatt makks money.... money....
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3 wilkens map liierty map 795 3 3 3 33 3 coming up... -&p3 stamping out pollltion .. of another ssrr.the place in for.. ánoiieá pollution..-3&p3& ((bbeak 2))
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3 3 with a massive ovement o create grrener aad cleaner world... one baltimooe taaern -3 is taking itts own approacc to combat the problem.inn thii & morning's cover storyy.. kathleen cairns explores 'word pollution'.... 3 &p3 3& (voice only over pxterior) "this is munt royal 3 ttvern"(liis and beer hannles)"of course they have & mr boh"
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3 ccming upp3 the o's itcher... makes his he performed in a 3 sports. ((break 3)) 3 brrce cunningham - has fox 45 morning sports.
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3&p coming up ii oor 6 o'ccocc hourr.. 3 j. lo and marc anthony re ending thier marriage... ut not their working relltionship.what the two are ástillá doing... ,
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